photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo2 unnamed unnamed2 unnamed3 unnamed4With the seemingly constant threat of Rick Snyder’s appointed lackey selling off the collection of the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) in order to fund a new stadium for the Red Wings (and I’m not kidding – the more than $200 million cut to employee pensions is almost exactly the amount that is being given to pay for a new hockey stadium – and they’re still talking about selling of the DIA collection in order to… well, I assume in order to give away more money to Rick Snyder donors), I had to go view the museum before this part of the city’s heritage is irreparably broken.

We learned some things about personal tastes. First of all, while I understand the art of the Dutch Golden Age is amazing… it’s just not for me. The ones I liked the most, the ones that really spoke to me, where those that most resembled Italianate landscapes from the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

We also learned that I love Art Nouveau. I especially loved a great little painting but Odilon Redon and this painting of the girls on the couch (also – kind of erotic, isn’t it?).

The DIA is probably best known for its collection of enormous Diego Rivera murals. They are breathtaking and overwhelming, but the space they are in, though cavernous, still feels too cramped for such massive and powerful pieces. I was too overwhelmed to appreciate them.

Finally, Detroit’s clearly got some cool art going, so I’ve added some pics of just cool stuff from around town.




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