Along came the web, which swept away hierarchies — as well as paychecks, leaving behind creators of all kinds only the chance to be fleetingly “Internet famous.”

You could sign up for Kindle Unlimited and pay $120 a year for a very limited number of the books your want (but a nearly unlimited amount of Fifty Shades fan fiction), or you could walk to your local library and borrow the book you want for free. You can even borrow e-books! And, if they don’t have the book, you don’t have resign yourself to reading bad smut instead, but can use the interlibrary loan system! For free! It’s a public service! And by walking to the library, rather than sitting on your coach and downloading Fifty Shades of Bad Sex Writing, you are also fighting obesity and adult onset diabetes! Which will help bend the curve on rising national healthcare costs! You are literally saving the country from bankruptcy by going to the library instead of paying Jeff Bezos money. Word.

On being a poet in the world and on writing poetry in bars.

The ‘Poet Voice.’

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