thI knew it existed, but there’s a significantly closer art house cinema, so I’d never been, until I got it into my head that I would see Snowpiercer while my better half was away. Just on the edge of Foggy Bottom, before you cross the bridge into Georgetown, it’s a tiny theater with three tiny screens. I saw Snowpiercer on a screen perhaps ten feet wide on a chair that, despite being a fancy folding chair, with a cup holder and thick padding and everything, was still a folding chair. But’s a lovely experience for particular kind of bohemian-hipster quaint experience seeker. Also, Snowpiercer is awesome. A beautifully cramped actioner with a pretty brutal portrayal of economic inequality taken to extremes, plus a global warming message, as well.

I had a soda, popcorn, and junior mints. They also had beer and wine and cocktails, but, honestly, it was a four o’clock movie and I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so alcohol sounded like a recipe for a bad movie.




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