Sunday Paper – Overdoing It


If we are marked to die… well, this might not be the worst way. Repeated outbreaks of the ‘pox,’ excepted. Johnson’s biographer was a man of epic tastes, if not an epic man.

The debate between Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine. Notice how the piece ends by positing Burke (and Paine) as liberals. It is melancholy, isn’t, to read about a time when philosophies, not ideologies alone, could drive history and politics.

Writing and painting are very different things. Don’t get them confused, Cezanne suggests.

Here’s a great profile of the poetry press, Copper Canyon Press. They are not a terribly innovative press – well known (in their native countries) poets in translation and reliably well known poets in America (folks like W.S. Merwin) – but whatever. They publish a lot of poetry and have the clout to get written up in the NYT. What have you done for poetry lately? Huh? Probably less than Copper Canyon. And they did this cool thing where they solicited charitable contributions (they are a non-profit) that would go to help support paying advances to poets. Isn’t that a great idea? Money for poets! About time. Good job!

And speaking of poetry publishers in need of charitable contributions… well, here’s a story about a non-profit poetry organization that needs charitable contributions to keep publishing poetry. My dramatic segue wasn’t really followed up with much was it? But, seriously. It’s a good cause and needs publicity. It’s similar to that Coppy Canyon idea of soliciting money to pay advances to poets. Just helping poets make a living that includes, in some fashion, writing poetry.

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