Monday Morning Staff Meeting


No news here. Just awesome pictures of college libraries. I’m a big fan of the early ones.

Philosophers in, at. and about the movies. Also, Zizek and Chomsky totally have  a kung fu fight. Chomsky and Zizek aren’t really philosophers, though, are they? They are the more general breed, the ‘public intellectual.’ Chomsky, who had done important work on linguistics earlier in his career, but now more of a leftist critic of society. And Zizek is a sort of professional ‘enfant terrible’ of the cultural scene. Not bad things to be, either of them, but not practitioners of philosophy, the way an Adorno was  a practitioner (thinking of someone also engaged in issues of mainstream culture).

Dear grad students, F–k you. Respectfully, your professor. 

Sometimes, the life of the man’s skull is more interesting than the life of the man. I don’t know. What was Swedenborg’s life like? Was it action packed and interesting?

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