Midweek Staff Meeting – CPA

Prose-1 (1)Not ‘certified public accountant,’ ‘continuous partial attention,’ the internet affliction.

The god of writers. My totem would be an etching of the prophet Gad, one of the prophets who advised King David. He appears briefly in the Book of Samuel, but there is supposed to be a lost book called ‘The Book of Gad the Seer’ that is mentioned in the Chronicles, but which no one has seen since before… well, a long a freaking time. Gad stopped a plague once, apparently, but really doesn’t have much association with writing. Heck, we don’t even has his book.

We still don’t have a philosopher-king (or philosopher-prime minister, but that’s partly because we don’t have prime ministers in America, which, we possibly should, but that’s another discussion, the advantages and disadvantages of the parliamentary versus presidential systems; could one describe [depict?] Obama as a sort of philosopher-president; maybe, but, as much as he’s mocked as an egghead, he’s really more in the evangelical of the educated preacher, rather than the public intellectual; no, you’d have to go back to founding figures like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to find our philosopoher-presidents, I think). But I do remember reading Michael Ignatieff’s editorials. I don’t remember being impressed. If I recall, he had kind of a Thomas Friedman thing going on, and, really, for pundits, is there any more grievous insult than being compared to Thomas Friedman. I mean, without getting deep into the downright idiotic chaff, like Ross ‘the neckbeard’ Douthat or ridiculously stupid and offensive figures like Cohen.

A cri de coeur for a return to polymathy. No. Seriously. Which is cool, because I’m probably closer to being a polymath than I am to being a specialist.

Happiness sucks. There. I’ve said it.

I’m just getting started!

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