I’ve Been Seduced By ‘Almost Human’

download (1)I know for certain that my friend Ryan (whose nickname in college was Satan) watches this show. I haven’t spoken to him about it, but he has a pact with his namesake, requiring him to watch every science fiction show and movie that comes out. So surely he’s watched this.

The two leads have good chemistry. The ‘human’ lead I think of particularly fondly, mainly because he was in The Lord of the Rings, playing Eomer. Rather like Kiefer Sutherland, who had such success with the right wing, masturbatory fantasy, 24, Karl Urban is maybe not a big enough presence for movies, but is just right for a television show that aims big.

The little touches of advanced technology that are added in, without detracting from the human element (or human-like elements; after all, the premise is that cops have androids for partners) remind one of William Gibson’s best work.

Anyway. I’m hooked. Along with Castle, this should keep me entertained on my Monday nights.

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