At this point, there’s not much new compared to the coverage of the book and other reporting… but, good heavens, what a lot of crazy people. Vice President Pence comes across as… sort of good? Even if he waited until the very last moment to say, enough is enough, can we please stop destroying the Constitution and American democracy?

The role of John McEntee, a Trumpy, horndog who was put in charge of Stalinist purges, was interesting. I’d heard of him, but the salacious tidbits, like hiring attractive, twenty year old female Instagram ‘influencers’ alongside hardworking, loyal young men who also weren’t competition for any sexual conquests McEntee felt like embarking on.

Each of these books makes its mark by some new bit of info, some new ‘hero,’ or some new secret villain. This book doesn’t make its sources as obvious as some others and is livened by Karl’s insertion of his own experiences. From being shocked by being a personal witness to dangerous crazy to being frightened by the administration’s blithe dismissal of even the most basic COVID safety protections (the number of staffers who got dangerously ill because of a deliberate refusal to protect them was more than little disturbing).

But, and I mean it this time. No more Trump books. At least, no more about his first term (which, heaven willing, will be his last).