f65050a8c3ccf0b5-2048x1024I would support keeping Confederate statues up, if it truly is for educational purposes, but then we need to make sure that the we post detailed educational descriptors in front of each and every depiction of Robert E. Lee, “Stonewall” Jackson, and others.

For example:

Robert E. Lee led armed men in a struggle against the United States. His actions directly resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of US military personnel. Robert E. Lee explicitly spoke about the basis of the Civil War being the desire to preserve the institution of chattel slavery for African-Americans. It was only after the Confederacy lost that he and other pro-slavery activists invented other reasons for secession. Before the Civil War, he illegally tried to prevent his late father-in-law’s slaves from being freed, in accordance with his will. After the Civil War, Robert E. Lee became a leader in the fight to disenfranchise African-Americans of the right to vote.