I keep on hearing people complaining about how far to the right the Democratic party is, when the Democratic party has moved steadily to the left over the last several years.

Go back in time (and you don’t have to go back very far) and the Democratic Party had no voice (nor even really acknowledged) when it came economic inequality or police violence against communities of color. Democrats didn’t support gay marriage or transgender rights; they didn’t stand up for millions of hard working, undocumented immigrants. Democrats passed national healthcare reform that very nearly would have, had not the Supreme Court and a group of Republican governors and legislators (who clearly don’t care about the health of their neighbors) c—–d in the punch bowl, covered nearly every America.

You want Democratic electeds to move further to the left? That’s fine and I totally agree with you! I have family living in the rural South who are only able to get live saving medical care because of Obamacare, but you can bet I want Medicare for all extended to them. We raised taxes on the wealthiest household in America, but I still want higher taxes on capital gains.

But let’s confuse wanting more with having gotten nothing.

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