When they came for the crazed militia men demanding that taxpayers foot the bill for their ranching business, I said nothing because I was not a crazed militiaman.

When Fox News came for Ted Cruz for being a lying asshat, I said nothing, because I don’t watch Fox News, but I did watch it later on Youtube and it was hilarious and said so.

When they attacked Rubio for being a slick little weasel who makes a living selling political access, I said nothing, because I always thought Rubio was a total douche.

When Obamacare came for our freedom, I said nothing, because access to healthcare is a basic human right, not an attack on freedom, you nitwit. On the other hand, I did point out that a family member would not have had access to urgent and needed medical without Obamacare, so you can suck it.

When ISIS infiltrated America via Syrian refugees, I said nothing, because that didn’t happen, though I did say that those kind of remarks are examples of thinly veiled racism and xenophobia and pointed out that huge swaths of the Bible are dedicated to illustrating what an a–hole you are for taking that attitude (including the very existence of Mary and Joseph… a pair of middle eastern refugees, one of whom was pregnant).

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