The only reason for putting ‘potluck’ in the title is that today is the annual office holiday potluck party. You’re not invited. Probably. Unless you work with me. Which you probably don’t. Statistically, it’s very unlikely.

The pro-capitalist, anti-communist origins of MFA programs in creative writing.

It’s time for those end of year, ‘best of’ lists. And some of them are about poetry! Not lists by me, though. Not that I haven’t read a lot of poetry this year, because I have, at least compared to the average person, who probably reads none in a year, but more that I’m still catching up on the greatest hits of the nineteenth century (it might have been last year that I read him, but you should totally check out the mostly crazy, but sweet English pastoral poet, John Clare). Fortunately, The Guardian, over in merry old England, actually pays attention to poetry. So they did a top ten list that is probably worth looking over.

The poet on art.

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