Well… it’s not nearly as good as its opposite number, which is to be expected, since Robert Silverberg evolved into quite a well respected author of science fiction and James White is more of a journeyman.

The plot is, while not confusing, entirely too convoluted to write down, suffice to say that the climax is both unrealistic and somewhat rushed. I read that White didn’t like violence and was a sort of pioneer of ‘medical scifi.’ Okay, fine, then don’t make the denouement a space battle. And after building up to a romance of sorts, he manages to leave unsatisfactorily unresolved. The only excuse would be if this is part of a series… which, apparently, it is. The first of his Sector General novels. So hopefully Lockhart and Kelly get together down the road.

On the plus side, I’ve got some more Ace Doubles, including one with two novels by Leigh Brackett and one with a novel by Philip K. Dick, which I’m looking forward to.

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