I was deciding between two poetry mags. One looked really interesting, but it was the final issue, so it seemed like I was a little late to the party if I wanted to support it.

So I picked up a copy of the Columbia Poetry Review.

Eschewing editorial comment, it is nothing but page after page of poetry (a good thing, surely?). A solid collection, but I fell in love with one Margaret Ronda. Here is the first stanza from a poem called Seasonal Affective:


Autumn industrial odor
                          neoplastic rusty fog
                                                                         neighbor she

                all circulations              all weekday traffic flood
                                                                        salty tea of schoolkid alley

                                                  kinds of rain: milky, tender, steeped, clawing
                      each joy slept off
corner of birds colliding

                                                    only yes, more, goodbye




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