I found myself in New York City for work the other week, so naturally I looked to find what bookstores were near my hotel. Weeding out the ones primarily serving Japanese speakers, I came across Revolution Books.

They are attempting to raise funds to move to a new (and more affordable) location and were having a series of readings and performances, as well putting their stocks of used books out for sale – $12 got you a back and all the used books your could fill it with. I wasn’t going to take advantage of that until I saw Rose Macaulay’s The Pleasure of Ruins. So, I added Mary McCarthy’s The Company She Keeps and two books by Robbe-Grillet. My better half is a dyed-in-the-wool capitalist. She would probably be a Republican if the GOP weren’t so obviously crippled by dog whistle racism. But for some reason, she has a fascination with Asian communist leaders, so she added a collection of writings by Ho Chi Minh.

It’s a great resource and I hope that the place survives.

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