Rizzoli-BookstoreThis article contains the most useful map of Washington, DC that you will ever encounter.

This is a fantastic bookstore and I’ve found some incredibly interesting books there and it’s always on my list of places to visit when I’m in NYC, so it would be a terrible shame if were to close.

Some great ways to celebrate National Poetry Month that will also make your more employable. I’m not kidding.

How is this not blowing people’s minds? Or is it? It’s blowing my mind, I know that. The BLACK PLAGUE OF THE FOURTEENTH CENTURY WAS NOT THE BUBONIC PLAGUE BUT SOMETHING ELSE. That’s right. It was some kind of pneumonia thing spread by sneezing and not something with pus filled pustules spread by rats and fleas. Holy cow, Batman! I’m not kidding. This upends a lot of what I used to think I knew. And what about Camus’ novel, La Peste? How do you say sneeze in French? Le Sneeze? Should that be the new title? OMG!

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