Midweek Staff Meeting – My Blood Is Superior


Just give it up already. You’ll be healthier.

I could write on a train. In fact, I’m pretty sure I already have. So. You know. Call me.

Is poetry not literature, but something else? Was it, but is no longer?

The honest answer is: maybe?

I don’t know. All of them?

What we can learn from Schiller about the beautiful. It’s not mentioned, but Elaine Scarry wrote a great book on beauty, called On Beauty and Being Just and I recommend that. I honestly haven’t read the Schiller book in question. I don’t actually think I’ve read any Schiller, unless you count the chorus to Beethoven’s Ninth. My local public radio station has taken to playing just the second movement of the Ninth. That’s like half a handjob. I mean, yeah, it feels good, but without the finale, I’d really rather you didn’t even start it.


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