dnd_products_dndacc_1eElementalEvil_pic3_enI’m just going to keep on recording the events of my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. You will probably keep on not reading it, but… I don’t know. Maybe someone will. Or no one will. Or just me.

The party took a boat, along with a helpful gnome named Peleg and an obnoxious, arrogant elf named Aelat, to the capital city of Hazakis. Inside the city, Teague, the cowardly, but also passionate, venal, cruel, and impulsive bard, managed to insult the emperor by suggesting that the Sunward army was doomed. Fortunately, after the party was summarily thrown into prison, some wiser heads prevailed and smuggled the party out and sent them to mainland to determine what was behind the invasion. The invaders had already been determined to be the Hoshen, a warlike nation of humans not normally known to be seafaring; as well, a strange symbol had been found on an amulet worn by some leaders: three parallel, vertical, wavy lines.

Teague, Regdar, and Finian set off for the prosperous and tricky city of Amran, the Sunward Empire’s main trading partner, hoping to meet up with an agent of the Sunward Empire who had been stationed in Amran for many years…

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