Coffee HP and pressmark

It’s not books this time, it’s readers. But usually, stuff about the death and/or decline of the book is really about the decline and/or metaphorical death of readers, aren’t they? But actually, this article says that’s not really happening, after all. So I’m going to blame the person who wrote the headline, because that’s usually different than the person who wrote the article.

A strange and somewhat confusing article about James Bond. Some weird psychoanalysis taking place here.

Never stop making manifestos!

So, hey! A little profile of Coffee House Press! I bought Anne Waldman’s Iovis Trilogy from them. That book get mentioned a couple of times in the piece so I should really get around to finishing it. Maybe after I finish The Cantos. Generally, they do a lot of great work with contemporary poets. I actually dropped into their offices one time, when I was living in Minnesota, just asked, hey, do you need entry level folks? They were polite in saying no, so… that’s about as far my anecdote goes, really.

Robert Creeley’s books and why he left Scribner.

The GOP is struggling to find new, young donors to replace their aging donors.

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