Weekend Reading – The Existential Despair Of The Political Hack

500x327xNYT_Poet.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Vlf0dfTD_ZThis is just weird to read. A strange sort of interview/chronicle of the midlife crisis of Frank Luntz. But, I have seen that before among politicos. You dedicate yourself to the exclusion of all else and then, one day, you realize, you excluded all else and if you are unable to participate in the world you dedicated yourself too or if some existential crisis pops us, you lack something to fall back on. I saw this happen to a good friend. It’s never happened to me because I’m dilettante at heart, which has also held me back, careerwise. But I’ve also had ‘something else,’ which is, by definition, something. Anyway. Read this… whatever… about Frank Luntz.

The NYRB: in decline, in its pomp… or never actually in ascendance? Interesting article, but I wish they’d get some credit for the interesting books they are publising, beyond the magazine.

This is a tax cut I can support: a deduction for buying books! Forza Italia!

How to be a professional poet.

Where is the poetry high school? We have STEM and performing arts, so why not poetry?

If nothing else, this essay is worth reading for the concise definitions of economic terms related to the most recent/ongoing financial crisis.

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