The New(ish) ‘Judge Dredd’ Was Pretty Awesome

I kinda wish I’d seen it in the theaters. You can see where the 3D was supposed to be used and I bet it would have been awesome.

Anyway, it’s a nice bit of the old ultraviolence, for my fellow droogs.

Karl Urban, who, of course, co-stars in Almost Human, which I now watch religiously, stars as the titular Judge Dredd. The violence and action is pretty non-stop and more than a little bloody and brutal. A well done actioner, all in all. And no massive, world spanning plot to justify. In fact, it’s more of just a day in the life in a pretty nastily crime ridden dystopian future.

The comic is British and I wonder if there isn’t something particularly British about a certain kind of authoritarian dystopia with an iffy justice system that’s notably lacking in traditional due process. You think of Judge DreddV for Vendetta, and, of course, the granddaddy, 1984.

So anyway. It’s on Netflix streaming.

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