Reflecting On My Previous Resolution

On the plus side, I read a lot more than I have in several years and that’s a good thing. I might have missed my goal, but I cranked through forty-five books last year.

Forcing myself to really sit down and focus on reading was a good thing, but it had some downsides. Not enough ‘slow reading.’ Reading Alexander Pope was real lesson for me; I was trying, essentially, to meet a deadline, but reading someone like Pope requires time and patience that I didn’t feel able to give.

This year, I want to go back and re-read his Essay on Man and take it slow. I’m sure I didn’t appreciate it properly. And maybe I can get back to reading Pound’s Cantos again. And I never did finish the last book in the Wheel of Time ‘fourteenology.’ Gotta finish that, you know, just because. It’s time.

Things like Emerson’s essays or the letters of Charles Lamb – I don’t necessarily want to sit down and read the whole collection, but just one or two particular essays and some of the letters to Coleridge. Likewise, to feel free to pick up a favorite collection of poetry and just read a few.

But don’t want to give up what I gained, which is a renewed impetus to sit down and finish a damn book.

I don’t really have a resolution this year, except that I don’t want this year to suck quite so badly as the last three or four months of 2013. Good lord, those were awful. Just awful. My car was hit by a drunk driver. Ugh. I loved that car. It should have lasted for another 100,000 miles, damn it. Ugh, again.

I do need to visit more museums this year. I used to talk down to the Mall all the time and just pop into a museum or two, especially the National Gallery of Art, the Hirshhorn, or the Sackler/Freer Galleries.

Ok. I’m just rambling now. Need more sleep. That should be a resolution, too.

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