There be monsters still.

Nothing wrong with being a cranky old poet. It’s how I want to end my life.

We are not seen as the guardians of culture, but the greedy gatekeepers of knowledge. The majority of people do not know what publishers actually do.’ That was YS Chi, Chairman of Elsevier and President of the International Publishers Association. And I think it’s a valid point. I respect books published by actual publishers than those that are self published because some sort of gatekeeping process has taken place. Gatekeeping is not bad. And I’m not saying the publishing industry doesn’t often print absolute c–p (Dan Brown, cough, cough). But it’s something and it’s important.

This sounds less like a problem of French books and more of a problem of Anglophone readers…

For a country as surreal as America, we haven’t been very open to surrealism.

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