Midweek Staff Meeting – On The Street

cover_story-1 Poets for hire on the streets of New Orleans. But, I will point out, while the article does mention a poetry event series focused on poets of color, the people in the article’s pictures are all white. This seems to be a case of missing much of what makes New Orleans unique – and it’s not the contributions of white people. On the positive side, it’s nice to hear that a few folks are making a viable living as ‘poets for hire’ or writing poetry on demand. I’m all for it. And it’s very true that American media has neglected its poetry lovers. Poets get a little attention. Poetry scholars get even less. But people who just like poetry? They might as well not exist.

Simone de Beauvoir on taking back desiring power from aging.

First, let me say that Eric Hobsbawn is a great historian. Period. And let me also say that I concur with him that replacement of ‘manifestos’ with ‘mission statements’ is appalling. The world needs more manifestos. Maybe I’ll write one. Probably not.

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