First of all, let’s take care of old business: I have been swamped and overwhelmed lately, so haven’t finished any books in a while.

New business: Tottenham Hotspurs do not need and should not buy Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez.

He’s a talented and instinctive goal scorer and should be playing for a team of at least the quality of Spurs.

Spurs need a striker to bang in the goals.

So why not?

Because (excluding Adebayor, who is only consistent in his ability to make a lack of focus and poor touch completely cancel out his outrageous physical talent; and Kane who needs to get more minutes, but is not yet mature/experienced enough to be the man) Tottenham’s two striking options are both penalty box strikers.

Sure, Jermaine Defoe has improved his outside game and link up play and sure Roberto Soldado can score some outrageous long range strikes, but neither are modern, ‘complete’ center forwards. Neither is Chicharito. In fact, the only thing Chicharito has that is different (other than degree) is a little height. All three are classic poachers, pouncing on the slightest chance or loose ball to put away the goal. That’s a good talent to have, but Spurs need a ‘Plan B.’

Someone who offers something different.

Someone big and strong like Zlatan Ibrahimovic (who they’ll get) or Fernando Llorente (who they might), who can muscle opposing defenders, not just to crash the goal and score, but to win knockdowns and create space for runners from midfield through sheer physical presence.

Or else someone whose movement and creativity drags defenders away and creates space for others.

Spurs has numerous midfielders capable of scoring goals (specially Paulinho, Lamela, Sigurdsson, and Eriksen), but they need a striker who will distract defenders and also play lay offs for them to put away. Both Soldado and Defoe work by managing to go invisible, after a manner of speaking, and scoring by eluding the attention of defenders for just a split second.

I suppose if Chicharito is being sold on the (relative) cheap, you’ve got to go for it, but even if that happens, at least buy a Danny Graham or Rickie Lambert, too, just to provide a different (blunt… very blunt) option to mix things up.

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