Clay Shaw Has Died

Who is Clay Shaw?

Clay Shaw was the incumbent Congressman who defeated my candidate in my first, professional political campaign. This was in 2000, when all hell broke loose. When I got stuck working on the recounts for little or no pay at worst and never being sure where my pay was going to come from at best.

Shaw wasn’t a bad guy. Just wrong. And by today’s standards, a downright liberal Republican. If he hadn’t lost in the Democratic wave of 2006 to Ron Klein, he probably would have been defeated in a primary by a Tea Party candidate.

Perhaps I owe him some thanks for the learning experience? Or at least a brief mention in my prayers? I hated him for making that first election so hard, so painful, so sorrowful. But that was foolish. I was rightfully happy when someone better took his place and I was sad when that person was replaced by a bitter, joke of a Congressman (Allen West) and a little relieved when someone else replaced that bitter joke (Patrick Murphy). But I’m sorry he’s gone for good for now.

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