For the last few years my favorite EPL team has been Tottenham Hotspur (I loved their fearless attack under Redknapp, playing with two traditional, British wingers in Bale and Lennon).

Bale is out for a couple of weeks and I’m hoping to see Clint Dempsey (the new Captain America) moved out of “the hole,” where he hasn’t looked 100% effective for club nor country,mto Bale’s wide left.

Dempsey would tend to cut inside and attack the goal. With Defoe too short to attack crosses, Dempsey could provide an aerial threat and could also interchange with Sigurdsson (who would presumably come in as attacking midfielder) and create space for Defoe to use his acceleration and movement to find the little openings.

Also, Spurs don’t need to spend huge sums on a tempo setting player like Moutinho. He will cost too much, when that money could be better spent on needs like a long term replacement for Gallas and another striker.

What people keep on forgetting is that Scott Parker is expected back in the new year.

He’s no Moutinho, but his defensive nous and careful, accurate (though unadventurous) passing will provide a incredible platform for other midfielders to surge forward. He’s not a long term solution at thirty-two years old, but he’s got another season in his legs, long enough for Livermore and Carroll to grow into first teamers.

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