Apparently, the RNC, in addition to stripping the Florida GOP of half its delegates to the 2012 RNC convention… in Tampa! they will also be punishing with some deliciously petty s–t. Stuff like assigning them too few hotel rooms and only the crappiest hotel rooms, as well as stripping away a bunch of their VIP passes.

Some folks are saying it was worth the risk, because now, Florida will decide the winner.

That’s risible.

You won’t decide s–t. Don’t you get it? This was ‘won’ when Mitt finished 8 votes ahead of Santorum to win Iowa. And if you still weren’t sure, it’ll be ‘won’ when Mitt wins in South Carolina.

The Florida GOP will have given up a seat at their own party – at a once in a lifetime chance to participate in a presidential convention in their own state – for bupkus. Nada. Rien. Zilch. A big old ball of nothing and a heaping side of sadness and existential despair.

Tony DiMatteo, the state committeeman from Pinellas, said it best when he griped:

We’re screwed. We’re going to have lousy floor space and lose a little prestige. And for what? It affects everybody. Even if you live in Tampa Bay, you have to stay at the hotel. When they meet for events, it’s in secure facilities.

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