Ok, fine. I have mixed feelings about the “School of Quietude.” I’m pretty sure that, if Ron Silliman ever deigned to notice me, he would be very disapproving and would probably label me a “quietist” of the worst and most shameful sort.

But, it’s clear that this meme has taken hold. You could probably go on almost any lit blog you wanted, drop the abbreviation “SoQ” and people will know what you’re talking about.

On the Newer Metaphysicals, there is an interesting idea. He would like to see someone on American Idol or some other mainstream, cultural artifact reference someone or something as being part of the “School of Quietude.” This, he says, would be a clear indication that the language of poetry is starting to break through.

2 thoughts on “A Reason to Push the “School of Quietude” Meme

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