I first came across Les Figues several years ago at the West Hollywood Book Fair. The small, nonprofit publisher had a booth there and I purchased a copy of Christine Wertheim’s +’me’ S-pace.

Now, I must confess, that having dived into +’me’ S-pace several times, I still have very little idea what she is talking about. Ms. Wertheim does not traffic in easy intelligibilities, but it is no less enjoyable for being difficult.

The literature of Les Figues will always feel deeply tied to a certain avant garde, Southern California aesthetic. I spent several years living in Hollywood, and we knew that the artistes of Northern California (NoCal) looked down on us, but we clung to a belief in our own merit. To me, Les Figues (and also the bookstore, Skylight Books) is deeply representative of this ineffable SoCal aesthetic. It is nothing you might think – nothing to do with Hollywood, celebrity, or surface meaning. Or maybe I’m just talking out of my a–. Your call.

Les Figues is holding a promotion right now – buy two books and get a third free.

For myself, I chose a, re:evolution, and Voice of Ice.

Much like I did for Salt Publishing, I am a sucker for publishers of contemporary poetry and am an easy target for these kinds of promotions. But this is a damn good deal. And they only charge $3 for shipping! I will be getting all three books for only $33 or just $11 each. That’s a steal, as far as I’m concerned.

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