Christopher Honey, aka, the coffee philosopher, is a poet and politico and labor activist who lives in the great city of Washington, DC, but who is also a Floridian by birth and in his heart. Loves coffee.

I Pray to You, Saint Peter, Whom No One Loves – Vita Poetica

Sleepwalking – Pomona Valley Review

Poetry Is Just Fine, Thank You – The Decadent Review

The Night Is a God’s Wound – The Rumpus

5 thoughts on “About the Coffee Philosopher

  1. dear honey, your name coffee philosopher provides a kick as i am slightly addicted to coffee.i am also comparatively thorough in british english liliterature’n’m’perumal;aged 64; tamilnadu india

  2. Please delete the following (copied below) very outdated posting from your website, as people still contact me:

    What: Motley mix of seasoned Joyce readers, residents of the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. Organised by brother and sister Deborah Sherer and Dr. David Sherer.

    The Irish Inn at Glen Echo
    6119 Tulane Avenue
    Bethesda, Maryland 20812

    Bloomsday Reading
    June 16, 2012
    11:00 a.m. until 3:00
    Reservations only: 301-229-6600

    More Info:
    Please go to access page-numbered text. Contact Deborah at e-mail cited above with section you wish to present at the reading.

    Thanks, Deborah Sherer

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