That was a question asked by an episode of Seinfeld. I love Seinfeld. My better half ranges between ambivalence and mild dislike. But that’s neither here nor there.

And I’m talking about my phone, not alcohol.

I got my phone repaired. The charging port was not in good shape and only two chargers would ever work and even then, it was a roll of the dice.

So, my phone became less a part of me. I never knew if its current battery life might be all there was left. But Lord knows, I didn’t want to fork over the money for a new iPhone. I was just going to use it until it couldn’t be used anymore and then… I don’t know.

I do the same thing with cars. By the time I’m done with a car, it doesn’t have resale value. It exists only to be donated to the National Kidney Foundation or NPR. I drive my cars until they die because I’ve never attached much importance to my cars. They get me around. I don’t care much if they are new and stylish. Honestly, I’d be happiest if I never needed to drive one and could do without, only occasionally using taxis, rentals, or services like zipcar.

But I did decide to get my phone repaired. $50 and thirty minutes later, my phone was as good as new.

And I’m back. To switch from Seinfeld to the beginning of late period Pacino overacting in Godfather III, I thought I was out, but they pulled me back in. I’m playing stupid cell phone games, checking soccer scores, and checking my email all more than is any sense reasonably necessary.