TheSilentArmySo, for the second time in recent memory, I have finished a four volume fantasy series only to see all the author’s hard work undone by some confusing, poorly explained deus ex machina(s).

These books were generally fun, with rival gods, an army of incredibly skilled and physically powerful soldiers, some interesting characters and decently drawn, if not incredibly well described, milieu.

Not only was the character we’d most come to identify with and see as the hero (Merros Dulver, if you care) largely marginalized, but the… solution, I’d guess you call it, was accomplished by a brain damaged minor character who did so by means of having (along with two other people) acquired more or less god-like powers by means… well, I really don’t know. Something was described, but not very well, so I really can’t say.

There seemed to be a hint that Moore would be writing more books in a related series in this fantasy world he’s created, but, honestly, he lost me. Won’t be reading them.

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