Old Man's War

Honestly, even though author John Scalzi has become kind of a big deal in science fiction, I hadn’t intended to read this – and wouldn’t have had it not been available for $1.99 or some such amount.

It’s a solid read, with an old school, pulp feel (only with better writing and a pleasing lack of obvious sexism/racism) and I enjoyed it. The action sequences were few, but decent. It’s very much like those dusty books from the 40a, 50s, and 60s that I love discovering in used bookstores. But, let’s be honest. I’d rather read one of those, which offer an esoteric thrill of discovery/archaeology, if nothing else.

The premise of Old Man’s War is interesting, though underdeveloped (people on Earth are kind of trapped there unless, at age 75, they join a military for the colonies; except for the whole joining the military, that aspect of it reminded me of a series of Asimov books where tall, beautiful, intelligent ‘spacers’ who colonized the stars look down on the poor folks on Earth who are not allowed to migrate because we’re so icky. Asimov, however, went into the sociology of all this. Scalzi, at least here, does not.

I’ll read the sequel if it is cheap or it is at my local library branch.

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