9780441005963This book is very much in the style of Ursula K. LeGuin. Like LeGuin, even when the main character is male (and the titular Riddle-Master, Morgon the Prince of Hed, is a man), the book is insistently feminine – and that is in a good way.

There is a gentle style to it – definitely, high fantasy, but different than what you would expect from most. Knights, sword fights, magical explosions, etc, are almost entirely absent.

I had read this book years and was seized with a desire to read it again. I almost bought another book by this author at John K King’s Used Books in Detroit, but didn’t.

While visiting my parents, I found this – my original copy – on a shelf. I stuck it in my bag, but forgot to take it and brought that same bag on a trip to Chicago where I read it over the course of the weekend.

Like most fantasy, it’s a trilogy, so I’m going to have to seek out book two.

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