DNA Live.

For some reason, it was popping up as a sponsored post in my twitter feed and I am so glad that I clicked on it because it is hilarious.

You send this company $1200 and a some samples of your DNA, which are vacuum sealed and put into a fireproof safe, to be kept intact until the technology is there to grow your clone. $200 of your fee will be put into… I don’t know, a savings account, I guess… and used to pay for your new clone and provide a handy nest egg. This is the same theory behind paying for your dinner at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. You put a penny into a bank account and when you’ve time traveled to the temporal end of the universe, interest has made that penny sufficient to pay for your insanely expensive meal.

And just in case you were worried, you can read wonderfully detailed and theologically sound argument for why this is totally cool with whatever your religion happens to be (as long as its monotheistic) and reassures you that God, the big guy himself, is personally totally cool with this and it’s actually totally part of his plan for you, so maybe not doing this is a terrible sin or something.

Check it out. The website looks like it was created on a CompuServ account in 1998.

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