22a46bdfeI visited this bookstore while wandering Philly. Mrs coffee philosopher was working at a festival on the waterfront and I was searching aimlessly for a bookstore and ambled upon Giovanni’s Room. Nice poetry section. Incidentally, I have started, but never finished, the Baldwin novel of the same name.

Let’s play a fun game – how little does it take to get Ross Douthat’s panties in a twist? Answer: not very much. Apparently the message of love and forgiveness and His Holiness’ emphasis on the longstanding principle of the preferential option for the poor is going to cause some kind of cataclysmic schism in the Catholic church. Oh no! I hope deeply reactionary Catholics like Mel Gibson don’t respond to all this love and forgiveness by doing something crazy! Oh wait… And thanks, Ross, for trying to gin up the impression at the His Holiness is driving people away from the Church, rather than drawing people in and causing them to rethink longstanding prejudices towards the church. In the spirit of Pope Francis I, I will forgive Douthat and the fine folks at the American Conservative and not call them wankers. With love.

What? What? Do my eyes deceive me? Is skyrocketing CEO pay not actually the result of the invisible hand of the free market making the world a better place for the poors? Is it actually a rigged game, played inside a good old boys club? Perish the thought, you gosh darm, commie pinko!

We forgot about a once famous female artist. Again.

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