I like Comixology. And I read comic books. Three to be precise (AquamanAction Comics, and Batman, to be precise). If you’re not familiar with Comixology, the are basically a great platform for reading comic books on a tablet or computer (but especially on tablet).

When I first went back to comics, I used Comixology to catch up on the first half dozen issues of what DC Comics has called the ‘New 52,’ essentially, a reboot of its universe, before buying new copies at the comic book store or book store, as they came out.

Even better, I went back and read some famous story arcs from back in the day (actually, not that far back; mostly from the 80s and 90s): X-Men: Days of Future PastThe Infinity Gauntlet, Civil War,  and the first couple story arcs of Alan Moore’s time writing for Swamp Thing, to name a few (to name a few more, that story arc where Wolverine goes to Japan, which I still love).

But I won’t buy anything from them now that they are part of the Amazon evil empire. And it’ll probably mean that I’ll buy a lot fewer comic books. Especially since they’ve already started their evil empire thing, but closing up the eco-system and making it impossible to make in-app purchases (which is a fancy way of saying the ability, while reading a comic on my iPad Comixology app, to simply press a button and purchase the next issue after I’ve finished the previous issue).

For example, I was super excited when Marvel rebooted Moon Knight. I used to seek out his comics as a child and it seemed like a great opportunity to see a new take on him that would not require catching up on five years of back story. But the first issue sold out quickly and my local comic book stores haven’t been able to restock it. Before, I might have gotten it on Comixology and then bought the later issues at the comic book store. Ain’t gonna happen now.

Probably for the best. If I were only thirty-eight, it would be different, but I’m about to turn forty and I think that reading three monthly comic book titles is enough.


Addendum: Since writing the above, I bought a (traditional) copy of Moon Knight #1. It’s pretty cool. That is all.

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