The New Inquiry  has this great quiz: which briefcase are you?

You answer some questions and it identifies you as a movie briefcase, full of money or… whatever.

I got the mysterious nuclear briefcase from the awesome and brutal film noir, Kiss Me Deadly. We are totally happy with that identification.

You’re “the great whatsit,” a mysterious case that exudes such confidence that everyone around you thinks you’re incredibly valuable, even worth killing over. A small valise, sure, but you’re hot to the touch, which means you’re not full of money, but you’ve got to be worth a lot of it, right? Nope. Turns out your personality is radioactive: you’re so thoroughly the opposite of charming that when you get opened you immediately kill everyone around you. Don’t worry though, it’s not you, it’s history. You’re just a sloppy metaphor for Cold War nuclear anxiety.

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