By which I mean, “Be Right Back.”

Which isn’t exactly true. Be back in something close to three weeks.

I won’t be adding much to the coffee philosopher for several weeks, not that I’ve been all that consistent in adding stuff lately. Life has been stressful. Let’s just leave it at that.

But, to speak more specifically about the upcoming couple of weeks, I will be flying to Thailand where mrs coffee philosopher (not that she has changed her last name, nor that, if she did, she would literally change it to ‘coffee philosopher’) has been living it up with family and friends while I have suffered through countless bouts of polar vortex induced depression. Actually, that’s not fair. A lot of things have been making me depressed lately. I’ve got a litany of stuff to rival the traditional Latin mass.

The good lord willing, Thailand will cheer me up. I hope to do a lot of reading and writing while I’m there. Yes, that’s right. I intend to spend my first time visiting a new country reading and writing in English. I am an ugly American.

But I am sure that I will have some things to add while I’m away and may even add a picture to this blog whilst overseas. Depends on the availability of wi fi, really.

Saw wat dee krap, b—–s!

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