The Sunday Newspaper – Dead Poet C–p

Dead Poets Society sucks. That’s not what studying literature is about. But on another note, have you seen that freaking iPad commercial where Robin Williams’ voice from that movie wafts about, reciting and lecturing on Walt Whitman as a means to emphasize the importance of poetry and how poetry makes us human, makes life worth living! I do agree with that sentiment, wholeheartedly, 110%, unabashedly. You name it. But no one in the commercial is doing anything remotely to do with poetry. And they’re all holding iPads, devices which are mainly for consumption of video content. I have an iPad and I actually have some poetry apps on it, but, c’mon. The iPad is about kitten videos, Angry Birds, and mobile pornography. It is emphatically not about poetry. And, despite including that Whitman-esque voiceover, the advertisement does not even remotely try to pretend that the iPad in use has anything to do with poetry! Ack! This is just pissing me off to no end!

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