Ezra Pound: Canto LXXVI

This one is beautiful to read. Not to say that I understand everything (or even most) of it ‘says.’

This Canto is very melancholy. Italy is a fallen empire, with tourists and American soldiers wandering its decay and fall. Leviticus XIX is mentioned again. It must have some meaning for Pound, but I do not know what that is – so if anyone knows, feel free to enlighten me. I could just look it up online, but I feel like being analog (an odd thing to say while writing a blog post on a Mac).

Once again, an older generation of writers is name dropped, including the great Italian writer, d’Annunzio (an American tourist tries to find his home), as well as James Joyce. A ‘Teofile’ is mentioned beside Cocteau. I wonder if that isn’t a reference to Théophile Gautier?

                            l’ara sul rostro
20 years of the dream
and the clouds near to Pisa
are as good as any in Italy
said the young Mozart; if you will take a prise
or following Ponce  (” Ponthe “)
to the fountain in Florida
de Leon all fuente florida
or Anchises that laid hold of her flanks of air
drawing her to him
Cythera potens,
no cloud, but the crystal body
the tangent formed in the hand’s cup
as live wind in the beech grove
as strong air amid cypress

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