You can take the poet out of the modern financial system but you can’t… I don’t know where I’m going with this, but suffice to say Pound is still thinking about banking…

                                                  Funds and Banks I
never approved I abhorred ever our whole banking system
but an attempt to abolish all funding in the
present state of the world wd/ by as romantic
as any adventure in Oberon or Don Quixote.

It’s done in the form of a diary or rather as a sort of, shall we say, epistolary poem? Written as if a letter by a politically minded American who lived through the mid-eighteenth century through the first quarter or so of the nineteenth century.

As a poem in the style of eighteenth century prosody, with a touch of American spirit, it’s an amazing piece of work. Really amazing.

This is the end of a section. From what I’ve heard, it picks up after this, with the next section being what are popularly known as the Pisan Cantos.

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