The Sunday Paper – Invisible Legislators & Visible Panties

Poetry does a great deal, thank you very much!

A human sense of life.

Ok, so it’s great that the New York Daily News has written a piece, not just on rising poets, but on rising young, female poets. It’s awesome. But. There’s a huge ‘but.’ The article includes six pictures of different poets. I would say that three of those six portraits are sexualized. Would that be the case if this were about male poets? Or if the ethnic identities of the poets were different (four are white, one black, and one asian; two white poets and the asian poet feature in sexualized pictures)? The leading picture is of 27 year old Monica McClure, who is lolling on a inflatable easy chair, wearing a satiny black halter top and skirt pulled up high enough that I feel confident saying that those are black panties she’s wearing. This is not intended as a criticism of the women – they work in an ignored art form and were offered free publicity for their art. And maybe it’s something out of nothing, but I think it shows a sad and somewhat misogynist lack of respect for the work of the poets on the part of the paper.

‘Dear Sir,’ it began, ‘Mr. Yeats has been speaking to me of your writing.’

A lost lion of progressive publishing.

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