Weekend Reading – A Physical Thing

detroit-manager-we-could-have-a-clean-balance-sheet-in-14-monthsHeidegger’s philosophical turn. Honestly, my reading of Heidegger mostly begins and ends with Being and Time. Yes, I read his books on Nietzsche, but it’s all about his first, great book. So I’m not so up on his philosophical turn. Certainly, it sounds disturbing. And there will always be over Heidegger the question of how should his personal actions color our judgement of his philosophical work? It’s not a simple question, really.

Poetry as objects.

Detroit needs writers! (And it’s taking concrete steps to recruit them!)

Some formerly online-only publications are doing what no one is supposed to be doing: going to paper. The Los Angeles Review of Books has been a must read website since it came online, but it’s now adding a print edition. So is the music website Pitchfork and other, formerly online-only entities. The nail is hit right on the head when Chris Frey of Random House’s Hazlitt website says that print is more ‘authoritative.’ And that’s not a bad thing. Cultural gatekeeping isn’t a bad thing. This is a good thing.

The demise of traditional publishing seems to have been overstated and the panic, thankfully, over.

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