Sunday Paper – The End Of Art

n-NEW-QUASAR-large570Has art become philosophy? And does that mean the end of art, in a certain sense (and the beginning of something else; the guy this article is about it all about Hegel, well not all about Hegel, but more about Hegel than most people are, which is a low bar, really, because how many people incorporate a lot of Hegel in their lives? Not even philosophers, leastwise, not philosophers in America, do that regularly. So… I don’t know. Take from this what you will. And by the way, Brillo Boxes is awesome. Thought you should know.)

So, this new black hole/quasar thingie they found is freaking astrophysicists out and stuff, what with gas moving weirdly or maybe just moving in a circle.

‘The tragedy of commonsense morality.’

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