Weekend Reading – What Use Are You?

The slow death of the humanities in the university.

I see nothing wrong with conflating coffee and sex. In fact, I’m also going to start using the word ‘coffee’ when I mean ‘sex.’ However, I will still continue to use ‘coffee’ to mean ‘coffee.’ I apologize in advance for any confusion this may cause.

Some suggested careers for me.

You have been reading it wrong this whole time. Unless you’ve never read Beowulf, in which case… well, really, the question becomes, why haven’t you? It’s a foundational work of western literature and it’s widely available. The late, Nobel prize winning Irish poet, Seamus Heaney, wrote a wonderful and, I might add, readable translation of the Old English poem. I know that the article this links specifically name drops Heaney as one of the translators who got that first line wrong, but even assuming this fellow is right, you can just redo those first lines in your head as you read it.

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