Over One Thousand Pages!

I was in Barnes and Noble the other day, amusing myself while my better half shopped at Old Navy, I thought I would glance at the next volume in The Wheel of Time. I didn’t plan on purchasing it. Didn’t feel quite ready to dive into a big ‘ole fantasy novel at that moment, besides which, I had my heart set on some Wordsworth (I love his longer poems like Prelude and The Hermit, but most collections focus on his shorter works, so I was looking for a collection to satisfy that itch).

So, The Gathering Storm, volume twelve in the series. The first written by Brandon Sanderson (it lists the epic’s late originator, Robert Jordan as a co-author, though my understanding is that he mainly left an outline rather than finished pages). And, good God, Brandon. WTF? Over one thousand pages? Was that necessary? The trend towards length I do not find helpful. And it also pushed the price up to $9.99, when most of the others could be had in paperback for $7.99 to $8.99. I’m not saying it is the difference between making rent or not… I’m just saying, that’s all. Not cool. I’ll read it, of course, but I’ll complain about it.


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