Comic Book Store Day

photoSo, yesterday, I went into the comic store to buy the latest comics. Most comic book titles come out monthly, but staggered, so that every week several different titles have their latest editions come out. It’s a ritual I have never participated in before, though I’ve seen it well documented on The Big Bang Theory (and also well mocked; though how that show is actually less than kind to nerds while pretending to be nerd-centric is a whole ‘nother thing altogether).

I went during lunch, and even though Beyond Comics (the comic book store just around the corner from my office) only opened a little over an hour earlier, there was a decent crowd of shoppers and browsers (including, thankfully, a couple my age and one gentleman who looked to be in his late forties).

Yesterday was Action Comics, the original Superman title. I bought #15, along with Aquaman #14. The kind lady behind the counter put my comics into a flat paper bag, as if they were pornography, and I left.

Not much happened, but it felt fun. Knowing what I was looking for and getting the Action Comic title fresh of the presses, at it were (today is the first day it was available). I felt like a true nerd, and since I am a nerd, that felt pretty good.

I will say, that I’m findng Action Comics, overall, a little hard to follow. The New 52 titles are a reboot, but some knowledge of what has happened in the last twenty years helps and just don’t know a whole lot about that. The artwork has a nice, old fashioned feel to it. Sort of a Jack Kirby, silver era feel to it, which I like.

Aquaman has too many people joking about the uselessness of Aquaman (even when he saves the eastern seaboard from an invasion of deep sea, humanoid angler fish), but the artwork is very, very good. The whole thing has a sticky, Lovecraftian feel to it (I gather that the New 52 Swamp Thing and Animal Man titles also have that organic, alien, decaying thing going, but I’m sorry, I’m not going to start reading anymore titles).

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