I have never been a fan of the LA Galaxy (while living in Los Angeles, I preferred to attend Chivas USA games; I also attended Clippers rather than Lakers games, so there is a touch of perversity in my choices), but I was still interested enough in the capture of Beckham to be angry when his actions those first three seasons in Los Angeles showed him to be of a dismissive attitude towards my city (at the time), my country, and my soccer league.

I don’t know what happened, but these last three seasons, he pulled it together and started playing with heart and god bless him for that.

He announced he’s leaving at the end of the season, which is probably good and right. The Galaxy are in the MLS Cup and, on paper and with a healthy team, look like favorites. End on a high note.

The rumor has him doing one last stint in Australia, which has a shortened league schedule and will already be half over after the cup game, which means he’d have a chance to play six to ten games, strut his stuff, and finish his career with his body intact (hopefully).

So, basically. Beckham, I’ve forgiven you and you’re making the right decision to leave now.